Elisa Sturaro Photographer Photography is the Scanner of Human Inwardness

Elisa Sturaro Photographer

Abandoned Doll’s bodies

Like many I have always been sensible to the macabre fascination of broken abandoned dirty dolls…thus when I stroller around the flea markets which are the best places for finding this kind of subject, I cannot avoid to take a picture of them…and I always start wandering about who could have play with these dolls, how it happened that they are reduced in that condition, why people continue to be willing to see them around and above all how it comes that people spend money for buying them…as far as it goes with me, every time I see broken dolls around I start thinking about abandon, degradation, loneliness of human being, thus in general these subjects throw me deep in my darkness and it’s kind of paradoxical given their gaudy colors…

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