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Elisa Sturaro Photographer

Flying away

I started thinking about this series at the beginning of this year, in a moment of my life during which I was feeling the urge to escape, to fly away…flaying away from the life I was living, flaying away from the many constraints I was suffering, flaying away from problems…eventually escaping from myself, the “myself” I was in that period…and feeling this way I couldn’t avoid to notice everything that really or symbolically was suggesting me the fly: birds in the sky making me wishing to be one of them and confuse myself with the sky;  skys during a flight to a business destination, making me hoping to take a flight for an interesting and totally diverse country, while even the sky’s shape was telling me that I still had to struggle; kids playing with dandelions making me feel again how I would have liked to grab one of those letting the wind bring me around; kids in a swing, kids dancing in the dark making me envy their candour and fantasy and long to be back in my childhood; myself and my friends getting drunk making me realize that I take it as the moment I really feel away…but eventually there is no way to fly away…and one just have to face it all, unfortunately with an hangover to make it even worse!

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