Elisa Sturaro Photographer Photography is the Scanner of Human Inwardness

Elisa Sturaro Photographer

Living back in XIX century

Sometime photos are able to let the observer travelling back in time either through the subject chosen or through the way photography is taken…but it’s truly the photographer’s ability in creating such an effect and suggesting such a feeling of living back in the past instead of the reality of it.

This still life series plays around with this kind of dichotomy between verisimilitude and reality showing something real (the statuettes living in XIX century) which actually appears verisimilar since the subject is clearly only realistic (the statuettes seem real people photographed during they daily XIX century life) evocating this suggestion of being back in the past: of course no such means of transportations or kind of clothes are around anymore: this is unreal…but they are real statuettes driving such means of transportation and wearing such clothes !!


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