Elisa Sturaro Photographer Photography is the Scanner of Human Inwardness

Elisa Sturaro Photographer

…or any other place on earth: memory works through analogies

When one travels very often in different countries, it suddenly happens to attribute places, locations, views, situations to the categories of the memory that we already know and recognize: in these cases our memory works with analogies and similitudes, probably due to the irrepressible impulse and need to feel comfortable, at our ease, at home, everywhere we are. Being fascinated by trivial views and horizons, by persons doing the exact same activities they could be doing everywhere, by architectures and even details that we could again find in any other place on earth. Culture, lifestyle, landscape and architecture are necessarily different and diverse from country to country, but simply sometimes the need to recognize what we already know prevails and the analogies seem to overcome the differences which instead get more and more out of focus, confused and vague in the categories of the memory.

The pictures of this series, which is quite extensive, represents different things and situations caught in many different cities, mainly but not only in Eastern Europe: Arad, Timisoara (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Koper and Lubjana (Slovenia), Sarajevo (Bosnia I Herzegovina), Bratislava (Slovakia), Tirana (Albania), Cairo (Egypt), Moscow (Russia), London (UK), Milan (Italy). They are part of an on-going wider project with the aim of collecting as many evidences as possible in different cities and above all in different countries.



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